Weekly Update 321

What a week to pick to be in Canberra. Planned well before things got cyber-crazy in Australia, I spent a few days catching up with folks in our capital and talking to the Australia Federal Police for scam awareness week. That it coincided with the dumping of Medibank customer health records made it an especially interesting time to talk with police, politicians and industry leaders. A bit of a bizarre, whirlwind week if I'm honest, but full of very positive encounters even though it coincided with such a demanding time for many of us in this industry down here.

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  1. Mastodon has been... entertaining 🤣 (just a collection of fun tweets that perfectly illustrate how much many of us have struggled to wrap our heads around it)
  2. HTML email signatures are a complete nightmare ("mjml" bubbled to the top a few times as a way of tackling this)
  3. HIBP API keys can be bought at different rate limits and paid a year in advance! (by some unexplainable miracle, 100% of feedback has been positive!)
  4. I've honestly become a bit lost for words over the Medibank ransom saga, it's just absolutely horrendous (that's a link to my thread commentating on the data dumps)
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