Weekly Update 338

I'm going lead this post with where I finished the video because it brought the biggest smile to Charlotte's and my faces this week:

When I talked about the McLaren in this week's video, Frits made the comment "the smile on your face says it all", which absolutely nailed it. But more than that, it brings a smile to the face of everyone who sees it (I suspect the colour helps), we're just loving seeing the excitement expressed by kids and adults alike. It's so much fun 😊

Less fun is dealing with Eye4Fraud. 24 hours on from recording this video, there's still zero visible progress and I lament that this one is just going to slip beneath the radar. If you're in the breach, do push for answers, it really shouldn't be this hard. All that and more in this week's video, enjoy!

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  1. Oh Namesco, you do provide entertainment! (still selling SSL like it's 2015)
  2. Eye4Fraud - the one that gives merchants "guaranteed protection" - had lots of millions of their merchant's transactions dumped (and to date, they don't appear to have actually told anyone)
  3. Cloudflare's cache reserve is pretty amazing stuff (as expected, the cache hit ratio is even better one day on with 100 less origin requests and only a slight decrease in overall traffic)
  4. It was almost a decade ago when I last wrote about a car (should I do another one for the McLaren?)
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