Weekly Update 340

I'm excited about coming to Prague. One more country to check off the list, apparently a beautiful city and perhaps what I'm most stoked about, it's the home of Prusa 3D. Writing this as I wrangle prints out of my trusty MK3S+, I'm going to do my best to catch up with folks there and see some of the super cool stuff they're doing. Other than that, this week is full of the usual; data breaches, IoT and a cold 🍺

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  1. I'm coming to Prague! (Experts Live Europe, see you there September 18)
  2. I'm crow-sourcing a new and improved version of the HIBP email extractor (and no, it's not going to facilitate cybercrime 🤦‍♂️)
  3. TheGradCafe was breached (they apparently know about it, but just won't reply to anyone trying to reach them on it)
  4. The kitchen shall be black! (as you can probably glean from this thread, there's a huge amount of thought going into this)
  5. My network got, uh, too big 😲 (it was always going to be better to VLAN the IoT devices anyway, and now it's done)
  6. The garage is now starting to look more finished (within the next couple of weeks, other than the joinery work it should look pretty complete)
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