Weekly Update 345

I stand by my expression in the image above. It's a perfectly accurate representation of how I looked after receiving the CityJerks breach, clicking on the link to the website then seeing what it actually was 😳 Fortunately, the published email address on their site did go through to someone at TruckerSucker (😳😳) so they're aware of the breach and that it's circulating broadly via a public hacking website. That segment is last up in this week's video and I do give fair warning just in case you're not in the best environment to be watching that part of the update. Viewer discretion advised!

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  1. Apparently, there are a whole bunch of accounts impersonating me on Mastodon (my tweet was deliberately crafter for amusement value hence the popcorn and tongue in cheek emojis, but that didn't stop people on Twitter losing their minds about Twitter)
  2. Hence, "Exhibit B" (even with a follow-up tweet containing a meme of a massive box of popcorn, some minds have been lost 🍿)
  3. Terravision got breached to the tune of more than 2M accounts (no reply to multiple attempts to disclose either)
  4. MEO face masks in New Zealand also got breached (they did reply to me, but only by their Facebook account and then didn't engage any further)
  5. CityJerks, the, uh, "mutual masturbation" website got breached (I think you just need to watch the video to properly understand this one 😳)
  6. As to the question about garage progress, here's a thread with some cool internal shots (ok, so it's mostly car shots, but it gives you a good sense of the mood in there now)
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