Weekly Update 355

Alrighty, "The Social Media". Without adding too much here as I think it's adequately covered in the video, since last week we've had another change at Twitter that has gotten some people cranky (rate limits) and another social media platform to jump onto (Threads). I do wonder how impactful the 1k tweet view limit per day is for most people (I have no idea how many I usually see, I just know I've never hit the limit yet), and as I say in the video, I find it increasingly hard to tell when community outrage is evidence-based versus "because Elon". Strange times, for now I'll just keep a foot in each camp and then who knows how the whole thing will play out in the future.

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  1. Sponsored by: EPAS by Detack. No EPAS protected password has ever been cracked and won't be found in any leaks. Give it a try, millions of users use it.
  2. We're still seeing the sights in Thailand (food, scenery, wildlife, people - it's all 👌)
  3. I'm now on Threads by Instagram owned by Meta (because we needed yet another social media platform to fragment across...)
  4. Some spammer somewhere has been spoofing my phone number (no further incidents since recording, but clearly the phone system is a mess as it relates to verifying phone numbers being used)
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