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So about those domain searches... 😊 The new subscription model launched this week and as many of you know from your own past experiences, pushing major new code live is always a bit of a nail-biting exercise. It went out silently on Sunday morning, nothing major broke so I published the blog post Monday afternoon then emailed all the existing API key subscribers Tuesday morning and now here we are!

One thing I talk a bit about in the video today are the 2 new APIs someone reached out and requested. This was an awesome idea and I can't wait to show you what they've built with them. I expect I'll blog that this coming week and probably quietly slip out the documentation on the 2 new endpoints in advance. Stay tuned for that one, what he's done with this looks so cool 😎

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  2. It's almost all about the domain searches today (I'm really happy about how this has been received!)
  3. Education facilities and non-profits have come up a bit as organisations we might need to treat a bit differently (we're working a model for them, for now that's a link to the KB requesting they log a ticket we can then review)
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