Weekly Update 362

Somehow in this week's video, I forgot to talk about the single blog post I wrote this week! So here's the elevator pitch: Cloudflare's Turnstile is a bot-killing machine I've had enormous success with for the "API" (quoted because it's not meant to be consumed by others), behind the front page of HIBP. It's unintrusive, is super easy to implement and kills bots dead. There you go, how's that for a last minute pitch? 😊

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  1. Sponsored by: Unpatched devices keeping you up at night? Kolide can get your entire fleet updated in days. It's Device Trust for Okta. Watch the demo!
  2. Fight the bots with Cloudflare's Turnstile (and hey, if you can find a way through it, let me know and I'll pass your feedback on to Cloudflare)
  3. If you enjoy discussing escorts on public forums, you may be in the ECCIE breach (along with your email and IP address 😳)
  4. But you probably won't be in the Atmeltomo breach (unless you're Japanese and looking for a friend)
  5. The Duolingo scrape from earlier this year is now doing the rounds (that's a 100% hit rate with other breaches)
  6. And SevenRooms had their near half a TB breach from December start circulating (that's one of the largest we've seen in a long time)
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