Weekly Update 370

I did it again - I tweeted about Twitter doing something I thought was useful and the hordes did descend on Twitter to tweet about how terrible Twitter is. Right, gotcha, so 1.3M views of that tweet later... As I say in this week's video, there's a whole bunch of crazy arguments in there but the thing that continues to get me the most in every one of these discussions is the argument that Elon is a poo poo head. No, seriously, I explain it at the end of the video how so constantly the counterarguments have no rational base and they constantly boil down to a dislike of the guy. Ironically, continuing to use Twitter to have a rant about stuff just shows that Twitter is just the same as it always was 🤣

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  2. I put out a little tweet about Twitter charging new accounts in a couple of test markets $1... (...and people lost. their. minds.)
  3. The virtual cards service Simon mentioned is (I gave it a go and got about 10 seconds into it before getting "You must be a US resident, and agree to the terms and authorizations", after which I was asked for name, DoB and address... and this helps anonymity?!)
  4. If you were IM'ing like it's 1999, you may be one of 75k people in the Phoenix breach (it's "vintage messaging reborn")
  5. The AndroidLista breach with 6.6M records went into HIBP (that one had been around for a while but with no disclosure and no response when I reached out, it just took a while)
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