Weekly Update 378

I'd say the balloon fetish segment was the highlight of this week's video. No, seriously, it's a moment of levity in an otherwise often serious industry. It's still a bunch of personal info exposed publicly and that suchs regardless of the nature of the site, but let's be honest, the subject matter did make for some humorous comments 🤣

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  2. I now have solar radiation and UV sensors tied into my IoT (in a week of bright sun constantly interjected by storm cells, this has been a really cool way to control lighting)
  3. Many people were left feeling deflated after the balloon fetish website got pwned (the whole thing was a real let down)
  4. The Twitter XSS + CSRF bug was rather nasty (but - assuming the reporting is accurate - it's their claimed handling of the bug report that's particularly bad)
  5. The DC Health Link breach was earlier this year and not particularly large at only 48k records (but it's in DC with a lot of politicians in it)
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