Weekly Update 385

I told ya so. Right from the beginning, it was pretty obvious what "MOAB" was probably going to be and sure enough, this tweet came true:

What I didn't know at the time was the hilarity of how similar this service would be to those that had come before it... and been shut down by law enforcement agencies. I mean seriously, when you're literally copying and pasting clauses from LeakedSource, what do you think is going to happen?! I sense another "I told ya so" coming...

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  2. "MOAB" was the breach that wasn't (but it's very much the shady breach site that really is)
  3. I expected the poll on the impact of scraping to be more emphatically against it (but I do wonder if that's simply an issue of the short poll not properly explaining the impact)
  4. The Europcar breach wasn't a breach at all, but that's not what's noteworthy about it (not everything is "AI" FFS you over-hyped marketing droids!)
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