Weekly Update 389

How on earth are we still here? You know, that place where breached companies stand up and go all Iraqi information minister on the incident as if somehow, flatly denying the blatantly obvious will make it all go away. It's the ease of debunking the "no breach here" claim that I find particularly fascinating; the truth is always sitting there in the data and it doesn't take much to bring it to the surface. Ah well, as I always end up lamenting, with behaviour like this it's a good time to be in the industry 🤷‍♂️

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  1. Sponsored by: Report URI: Guarding you from rogue JavaScript! Don’t get pwned; get real-time alerts & prevent breaches #SecureYourSite
  2. Cutout.Pro got breached and 20M email addresses leaked (for the most part, an unremarkable incident)
  3. I've stood up a GitHub repo to start collaborating on the HIBP UX redesign (consider this a "soft launch" for the moment, I'll blog about it later on)
  4. The Cutout.Pro breach isn't "alleged", it's real (it's crazy to say there's no evidence of a breach when there's all this evidence of a breach!)
  5. The FedEx phish post went up just after last week's video (still kinda nuts that's even a thing...)
  6. We're doing a full 3D printer build thread (watch the Prusa MK4 gradually take shape!)
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