Weekly update 39 (Oslo edition)

This has probably been the most relentless week I've had in one place since... I dunno. Forever? It was all in Oslo and all centred around the NDC event but it meant kicking off with a massive 2 day workshop (50 people - a record!), then an OWASP user group (followed by much beer), then workshop Tuesday, family arriving, social NDC event, event kick-off Wednesday, family sightseeing, a Pluralsight recording, shrimp cruise that night, NDC talk on Thursday, a short "how I failed talk" that night followed by the event party, another talk Friday morning then eventually, PubConf Friday night. And this is why my weekly update is a day late!

But seriously, it's been a sensational week and I share more in the update video below, complete with kids jumping on me while I try and record :)

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  1. I've been at NDC Oslo all week (this event is also running in Sydney in August then again in London in January)
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