Weekly Update 390

Let me begin by quoting Stefan during the livestream: "​​Turns out having tons of data integrity is expensive". Yeah, and working with tons of data in a fashion that's both fast and cost effective is bloody painful. I'm reminded of the old "fast, good and cheap - pick 2" saying, but there's a lot more nuance to it than that, of course. I mean Table Storage was all 3 of those, just so long as we never needed to restore at all, let alone to a point in time. Or geo-replicate. Or do ad hoc queries and do on and so forth. Mind you, I think that with a combination of Azure SQL in Hyperscale mode, some better index optimisation, and a willingness to scale up more aggressively when processing large breaches, we might be able to find a happy balance. Literally as I'm writing this, we're upgrading to Hyperscale so hopefully when I do next week's video from Tokyo, there'll be a happy story to tell (or I'll be drowning my sorrows in sake).

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  1. Sponsored by: Kolide ensures that if a device isn't secure, it can't access your apps. It's Device Trust for Okta. Watch the demo today!
  2. The German government has become the 35th national gov to be granted access to all their gov domains in HIBP (and one more to come next week)
  3. WoTLabs got very pwned (site defacement on top of leaked data is never a good look)
  4. The Онлайн Трейд (Online Trade) breach was an oldie, but it's helping us tune the import process as part of the RDBMS rollover (which is... painful)
  5. Speaking of RDBMS rollover, most of the ideas I had during this video have proven to be completely useless, so we're now rolling to Hyperscale as well (it's actually only very slightly more expensive)
  6. We're still contributing to the HIBP UX rebuild repo (consider it a "soft launch" for now, I'll blog about it in more detail after I get back from Japan)
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