Weekly Update 391

I'm in Japan! Without tripod, without mic and having almost completely forgotten to do this vid, simply because I'm enjoying being on holidays too much 😊 It was literally just last night at dinner the penny dropped - "don't I normally do something around now...?" The weeks leading up to this trip were especially chaotic and to be honest, I simply forgot all about work once we landed here. And when you see the pics in the thread below, you'll understand why:

Regardless, this week has a bunch of content primarily on the Onerep mess; can you imagine a company selling services to remove your data from the other services they're running?! That's the Krebs position and the story is a great read so go and check that out. We may not have heard the end of it yet either, especially given the Mozilla situation.

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  1. Sponsored by: Kolide can get your cross-platform fleet to 100% compliance. It's Zero Trust for Okta. Want to see for yourself? Book a demo.
  2. Four new breaches into HIBP this week (these are older incidents, but they're helping us fine-tune the breach load process)
  3. Onerep got a thorough Krebsing (yet to hear any more about this too, even so much as a statement from the company)
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