Weekly Update 393

A serious but not sombre intro this week: I mentioned at the start of the vid that I had the classic visor hat on as I'd had a mole removed from my forehead during the week, along with another on the back of my hand. Here in Australia, we have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world with apparently about two-thirds of us being diagnosed with it before turning 70. At present, the bits they cut off me were entirely unremarkable (small dot about an inch over my left eye if you're really curious), but the point I wanted to make was what I mentioned in the video about us doing annual checks; every year, we voluntarily front up at the GP and he checks (almost) every square inch of skin for stuff that we'd never normally notice but under the microscope, may look a bit dodgy. It's an absolute no-brainer that takes about 10 minutes and if he does decide to remove something, there's another 10 minutes and a stitch. If you're in the sun a lot like us, just do it 🙂

With that community service notice done, let's get into today's video:

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  1. Sponsored by: Report URI: Guarding you from rogue JavaScript! Don’t get pwned; get real-time alerts & prevent breaches #SecureYourSite
  2. A MASSIVE thanks to fellow MVP Daniel Hutmacher who has been invaluable in helping us tune the new SQL bits in HIBP (turns out Daniel listened to this live stream and was happy to be named)
  3. Here's what we've landed on in terms of allowable email address alias patterns (we made it ever so slightly stricter today: no period at the end of the alias and no sequential periods either)
  4. The Prusa MK4 3D printer build is now complete! (finally wrapped it up yesterday after recording this vid, beautiful machine!)
  5. English Cricket suffered a data breach that exposed more than 40k records (queue all sorts of different cricket euphemisms...)
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