Weekly Update 400

This is the 400th time I've sat down in front of the camera and done one of these videos. Every single week since the 23rd of September in 2016 regardless of location, health, stress and all sorts of other crazy things that have gone on in my life for nearly the last 8 years now, I've done a video. As with so many of the things I create, these are as much for me as they are for you; doing these videos every week has given me a regular cadence amidst some pretty crazy times. I've written before about dealing with stress and I honestly cannot tell you how many times I was having the worst time of my life right up until the point where I went live... and then my entire mindset changed. I had to focus on what I was talking about and just like that, I had a reprieve from the stress.

So, thank you for tuning in, for engaging and commenting, and for giving me a platform not just to talk about tech (and coffee and beer), but to help keep me sane 😊

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  2. The Post Millenial data breach more than doubled in size once the corrupted archive was fixed (to this time, still nothing from them on the incident AFAIK)
  3. The latest BreachForums has now gone the same way as the previous BreachForums (which went the same way as RaidForums - it's almost like there's an entirely predictable outcome for sites like this 🤔)
  4. OpenAI's GPT-4o is kinda mindblowing (it's not perfect - it's far from perfect - but take a moment to consider how quickly this is evolving and how it compares to something like Siri on iOS)
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