Weekly Update 402

What a week! It was Ticketmaster that consumed the bulk of my time this week with the media getting themselves into a bit of a frenzy over a data breach that at the time of recording, still hadn't even been confirmed. But as predicted in the video, confirmation came late on a Friday arvo and since that time we've learned a lot more about just how bad the situation is. I'm going to save that discussion for Weekly Update 403 and between the time of writing this and going live, I'm sure we'll learn a lot more about the whole Snowflake situation as well.

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  2. The pcTattletale breach has killed the business (if ever there was a business that needed killing, it's stalkerware)
  3. A coalition of law enforcement agencies have killed off some seriously nast botnets (the data was provided to us for HIBP and is now searchable there)
  4. The Ticketmaster breach is massive, but that's only part of the story (it looks like that third part compromise is making it all a lot worse than we knew at the time, more on that next week)
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