Weekly Update 405

Ah, sunshine! As much as I love being back in Norway, the word "summer" is used very loosely there. Not as much in Greece, however, which is just spectacular:

3 nights in Mykonos, 2 in Santorini and I'm pushing this post out just before our second night in Athens before embarking on the long journey home. It's been an experience, between the NDC talks in Oslo and the downtime in Greece, but it's time to get home to our gorgeous Gold Coast winter weather ☀️

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  2. If you're going to be a copyright troll, at least get your facts right (also, Coinhive is the gift that just keeps on giving 😊)
  3. Zadig & Voltaire were breached and the data loaded into HIBP (it doesn't sound like anyone should be expecting a disclosure notice)
  4. Kaspersky being binned in the US is very likely the right outcome, but it has real-world impact on a heap of people with no affiliation whatsoever with Russia (there were some pretty unsympathetic comments in that thread that totally missed the global nature of Kaspersky)
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