Weekly Update 406

Why does it need to be a crazy data breach week right when I'm struggling with jet lag?! I came home from Europe just as a bunch of the Snowflake-sourced breaches started being publicly dumped, and things went a little crazy. Lots of data to review, lots of media enquiries and many discussions with impacted individuals, breached companies, incident response folks and law enforcement agencies. This situation is wreaking absolute havoc, and I suspect it has a way to run yet with only a small slice of the data from the apparent 165 impacted orgs appearing online so far. Looks like another interesting week ahead.

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  2. Entrust has lost their trust (within that tweet thread is a search to all my previous mentions of Entrust, with some really dodgy "security" claims in there)
  3. The Snowflake situation is becoming one of the most significant security events in memory (165 separate impacted companies, billions of records and terabytes of data, ransom demands, and much more data to likely leak yet)
  4. The Ticketek data from the Snowflake situation was sent to me this week (hey, I'm in another breach!)
  5. The Neiman Marcus data - also from Snowflake - was publicly posted (they say 64k people impacted, but the data says it's tens of millions)
  6. In advance of things getting a little crazy towards the end of the week, I wrote about the state of data breaches whilst in-flight earlier in the week (given the reception this received, I'm planning a follow-up in the next couple of days)
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