Weekly update 49 (snow edition)

I'm at the snow! Yes, Australia has snow. No, it's not like the big mountain riding of Europe or North America, but the warmer weather means you can regularly sit outside in the sun during the day with a cold beer which is pretty awesome. I've got a couple of Security Sense columns to talk about this week which I hope will get people pondering this whole security thing a bit more.

Also, as you may have noticed, I've pushed this out a day early. Friday will be a half-and-a-bit day on the snow before a 5-hour drive to Sydney, a good rest then a 9 hour drive back to the Gold Coast the next day. It's just easier to get it out a day earlier and I'm not expecting anything new over the next 24 hours anyway (mind you, in this industry, who knows...) See you from sunny Queensland next week!

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  1. Are we more secure today than yesterday? (it's a bad question - we're differently secure!)
  2. Parody and genuinely bad security are now indistinguishable from each other (also, why impersonating the cops isn't smart)
  3. Speaking of stupid security things, here - hold my beer (one of this year's most popular blog posts that shows just how nuts things are)
  4. Symantec's Norton Secured is sponsoring my blog this week (big thanks to those guys, a repeat sponsor helping me do what I do)
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