Weekly update 54

Ah, home! It's nice at home, I think I'll stay here. When I got back from Utah on Sunday I checked my TripIt and noticed I'd been away bang on 40% of the year but fortunately, that's it for the 2017 overseas stuff. That said, I've got a bunch of events lined up in Aus for the rest of the year and I'll talk more about those soon.

This week, I've actually had some time to catch up on writing and pumped out a couple of blog posts that have been on my mind for some time. It's stuff I'm passionate about (both for different reasons) and I really hope people find it interesting if not even thought-provoking. Enjoy!

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  1. I give a huge amount of thought to the ethics of running a data breach service (there are good reasons for every aspect of how HIBP runs - this post explains some of the big ones)
  2. Are qualifications in tech jobs actually that important? (biggest thing here is how consistently people said experience is essential, regardless of how you got to this industry)
  3. Symantec Website Security is sponsoring my blog this week (thanks guys, big shout-out to them!)
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