Weekly Update 59

I've actually had a day off today. Well mostly - I am still writing this piece and publishing a data breach - but I've pretty much spent the day between pool, beach and jet ski hence my being a bit dishevelled today ?

Be that as it may, it's been a massive week and that's primarily due to the launch of Report URI V2 and in particular, the announcement that I've joined Scott in running the project. I've contributed dollars, social leverage and expertise because I genuinely think it's an awesome project and I'm very happy to be joining my good mate there. Plus, there's the whole "pseudo password fields" thing which is, well, just read it - it's a good Friday post but do take care not to spit your coffee all over your PC!

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  1. How do we do knowledge based authentication when a bunch of other people have your personal data? (this is a genuinely serious problem in "the age of the data breach")
  2. Report URI - yep, I'm all in! (I'd love you to give this a go, we've made it dead simple to get in for free)
  3. Pseudo password fields are being used to hide browser security warnings (I wouldn't have believed this if I didn't see it with my own eyes - wow!)
  4. ZeroFOX is sponsoring my blog this week (brand new sponsor, big thanks to those guys for coming on board!)
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