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Weekly update 6

I'm home! Ideally, I'd be home recovering from travel but it hasn't quite worked out that way, particularly with the Red Cross Blood Service having a massive data leak. I blogged abut that in some detail yesterday, but I wanted to talk about it in this week's update video and give some more context as to what went on and why I made some of the decisions I did. Plus, there's the mega-trip wrap up, a quick preview of some upcoming stuff on my Ubiquiti network setup and my thoughts on how the web is held together with sticky tape.


  1. The Red Cross Blood Service leak (yes, it's massive and no, it's not in HIBP - I explain why)
  2. A blow-by-blow account of my mega trip (we all share the most glamorous bits of our lives on social, here's some of the darker ones of my recent trip as well)
  3. The IoT DDoS is a reminder of how fragile the web is (stateless HTTP combined with cookie for auth needing anti-forgery tokens to prevent CSRF - it's all just held together with sticky tape)
  4. Barkly sponsored the blog this week (there's a free e-book behind that link!)
Weekly update
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