Weekly Update 62 (Rockhampton Edition)

This is going to be a couple of weeks of polar opposite updates: This week I'm in Rockhampton, a regional centre in my home state where I'm surrounded by gum trees, chirping birds and a croc-invested river. Next week will be Washington DC where I'll have just finished testifying in front of US Congress. Whoa.

That's the big story this week. This year. This career. It's both a massive thing and a walk in the park, the former because it's testifying in front of freakin' congress and the latter because it's writing about something I know inside and out (which is kinda why I've been asked there), reading a 5-minute speech then answering some questions. A walk in the park :)

But none of that changes the constant stream of other things on the boil including the Uber hack this week and a bit of writing about outsourcing accountability (pro tip: you can't). That's it for now, next week will be the big one!

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  1. I'm testifying in front of US Congress (data breaches are having a serious impact on identity verification processes, I'm going to help the lawmakers understand just how bad it is)
  2. You can outsource the work but never the risk (blaming the vendor doesn't make you any less accountable)
  3. Firefox is tapping into some HIBP data (this is really cool and I'm especially excited by how positive the responses to it have been!)
  4. MINDBODY is sponsoring my blog this week (they're actually looking for some security pros, check them out if you're looking)
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