Weekly Update 69 (Boat Edition)

It's my last day in the sun ☹️ Well, at least it's my last day in the sun for a couple of weeks so today I've gone to the sunniest place I know. It's "the boat edition" of my weekly update and I apologise up front for the rocking motion, the occasional wind noise (I lost the fluffy bit off my smartLav mic) and the gratuitous amount of sunshine and beach.

This week is all about heading off on travels again and the Indian Aadhaar system which is making big headlines over that way lately. Plus, I show you a little of what it's like down my way on yet another glorious summer day ?

(And yes, I'm aware I added an extraneous "r" in Aadhaar at the start of the video, but damned if I'm waiting hours to upload a newly rendered version over shitty Australian internet!)

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  1. International travel is hard (this is the piece I wrote during a massive trip in 2016)
  2. India's Aadhaar system is not "hack-proof" (anyone making this claim is out of touch with reality)
  3. Gold Security is sponsoring my blog this week (you've seen them here before and you'll see them here many times again this year)
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