Weekly Update 76

Massive, massive week! I'm not trying to make these videos longer (and the next two while I'm overseas will definitely be shorter), but yeah, this week was a biggie. Pwned Passwords dominated throughout, interrupted only by a few thousand new data breaches going into HIBP. But the big one - at least to me in terms of the significance - is the UK and Aussie governments now using HIBP to monitor their gov domains. That's an absolute milestone in the service's history for many reasons, some of which I talk about here and more I'll talk about later on in a subsequent post.

As with last week, because this is such an epic I've listed out all the key times in the video should you want to skip to bits:

  1. 3:40 - Pwned Passwords is going nuts!
  2. 23:00 - Making Pwned Passwords go fast
  3. 47:10 - 2,844 new data breaches in HIBP
  4. 56:20 - The UK and AU govs and HIBP

Language warning: at about the 18:00 minute mark I read out one of the pieces I feedback I got about Pwned Passwords. Maybe put the headphones on first if you're listening to this in the office (and I do give plenty of warning).

Oh - and at the very end when I talk about going to Seattle after Vegas - that's wrong! I'm in Seattle all next week, Vegas for Episerver Ascend the Monday after then off to San Francisco for the remainder of the week.

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  1. 1Password has already integrated Pwned Passwords (it took them 27 hours and they've had very awesome feedback about it)
  2. John Graham-Cumming from Cloudflare wrote a Cloudflare Worker for Pwned Passwords (this is super cool)
  3. Pwned Passwords is massively fast! (I talk about why, and how you can do it too)
  4. I added thousands of new data breaches to HIBP (I gave careful thought to whether it made sense - and it did)
  5. The UK gov, the Aus gov and their use of HIBP (I'm enormously proud of this result, these are awesome people to work with)
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