Weekly Update 78 (San Fran Edition)

Last day of travel! The weekly update is out late due to a packed week which I endured whilst battling a cold as well which has made it pretty rough. But other than that, it was a fantastic week recording Pluralsight courses and meeting with some really cool tech companies which I talk about in the update. I also talk a lot about credential stuffing which is just becoming an absolutely massive issue at present and I'll write more on that from home next week.

I'll leave you with some pics of just some of the things I got up to in San Fran this week, I met some really great people doing amazing things:

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  1. The National Lottery in the UK is getting hammered by a credential stuffing attack" (there's some really weird stuff around the way they're handling it though)
  2. "The FTC’s message is loud and clear: If customer data was put at risk by credential stuffing, then being the innocent corporate victim is no defense to an enforcement case" (this is a major thing, have a read of the story and consider what it means for websites that are the victims of credential stuffing)
  3. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog again this week (still love what these guys make, after all these years)
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