Weekly Update 80

It's a MASSIVE weekly update! The big news for me this week is the 1Password partnership and I've really tried to share more about how I came to the decision to work with them in this video. I've been so cautious with the way I've managed the image of HIBP to ensure it's always positioned in the right light and I wanted to delve more into that thinking here. As I say in the video, I'm really happy with the feedback so far and I've "liked" a bunch of the responses so check out my Twitter profile to see what people are saying about the partnership.

But that was just one of the big things this week, there's also the Under Armour data breach, a new Pluralsight course in the can (should be live in a couple of weeks), an animal bestiality site loaded into HIBP (yes, you read that right), a scammer trying to scare me into buying their security services (pro tip: know your audience before pulling a stunt like that), people losing their minds over date formats and Aussie telcos doing a terrible job of their in-store security. Because it's such a big one, here's a legend of where the different bits are discussed:

  1. 00:15 - Under Armour breach
  2. 04:00 - Pluralsight course
  3. 07:00 - New HIBP breach
  4. 09:50 - Security scammer
  5. 20:00 - Date formats
  6. 27:20 - Aussie telcos
  7. 35:20 - The 1Password partnership


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  1. Under Armour had themselves a massive data breach (that's a link to their disclosure of the incident)
  2. Here's the Motherboard story on the bestiality site breach (no, there are no links to the actual site!)
  3. Here's how a scammer tried to convince me my blog was vulnerable (yes, it's hilarious, but I'm also dismayed that legit companies have to deal with this sort of thing)
  4. The date format thing blew up into something unexpected (that links off to a tweet thread where I summarise the whole thing)
  5. Aussie telcos have got some major shortcomings in their in-store security (this was prompted by my wife's password appearing on a public screen at Telstra then Optus blocking someone else for reporting other security issues)
  6. The HIBP and 1Password partnership is a really major step for me (I talk more about the reasons behind it here, do please leave a comment with your feedback)
  7. Gold Security is sponsoring this week (big thanks to those guys for their ongoing support!)
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