Weekly Update 82 (Honolulu Edition)

I'm in Honolulu! And I apologise in advance for the audio quality - the background noise is air conditioning units in the hotel and I didn't realise quite how much sound they make until I listened to the audio afterwards. Next week I'll be home and back to a quality audio setup.

Regardless, I did pump out a shorter update with a bunch of bits and pieces that popped up during the week. Firstly, the obnoxious behaviour that is Twitter thread hijacking (think of everything you hate about spam, just distilled down to 280 characters). I also caught up with a bunch of people from 1Password during my time in Hawaii and fleshed out how I'm going to be clearer about why I'm recommending them on HIBP and spoke about some cool new integration work we can do with the partnership (to be announced at a later date). Then there's the password extortion scam where you pay money to have your password removed from a publicly searchable site (the future is not bright for that one). On a more positive note, T-Mobile in Austria turned themselves around after the debacle I talked about last week and they seem to have genuinely taken notice of community feedback. And finally, my Microsoft Regional Director renewal came through which made me exceptionally happy!

That's it for this week, I'm about to jump on a plane in Honolulu and head home to the sunshine ?

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Oh - and the chocolates - turns out they weren't chocolates but yes, they were Trump:


  1. Twitter thread hijacking is spam and most people are pretty unimpressed by it (it's a rather cringe-worthy thread to read, I opted out of it early and will write about it properly next week)
  2. Someone is actually asking for BTC in order to remove your password from a public search service (either that site is going to disappear or the operator is going to be "picked up", only question is how long it takes)
  3. T-Mobile Austria has made good and promised to fix some of the issues people raised concerns about (there were a bunch of other problems not mentioned in this tweet, but I assume due to the press they got on them they're at least aware of the issues)
  4. I'm back as a Microsoft Regional Director for another couple of years! (a big "thank you" to everyone that's given me a platform that's enabled me to do this)
  5. Raygun are back in the sponsor bar (they've launched some cool new APM stuff, big thanks to them for their ongoing support!)
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