Weekly Update 85

It's a (new) weekly update! Lights are in, things are much brighter and... I think it was a bit too bright and the camera was pointed too high. This is all experimentation, folks, and I appreciate everyone's input as I tune things to try and get a consistent, quality result. Still, as someone said whilst I was mucking around with all this, the audio quality is great and that's what people are ultimately listening to so that's a fantastic start. You'll notice I've also changed the video thumbnail and removed the text in the opening frames, I hope that's an improvement. (Oh yeah - and there's a 4 min blank spot at the end due to a rogue element in the Premiere project I didn't clean up - sorry!)

Moving on to the things of the week, it was World Password day yesterday (my time) which was a timely time for Twitter to disclose and accidental logging of them in plain text. Also on passwords, EVE Online are doing awesome stuff with Pwned Passwords as are 1Password who now allow you to scan your entire keychain for bad ones. On the blog front, there's now CSP and Upgrade-Insecure-Requests support in Microsoft Edge, I find 86% of passwords in a recent data breach were already Pwned Passwords and there's a new Pluralsight course on JavaScript security. I hope the new format this week make all the important stuff that much more watchable.

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  1. Here's the lighting gear I bought (there's also a link to a great video in there on getting your lights right)
  2. EVE Online is on Pwned Passwords (Stefán has done some great work, I hope he can share more publicly later)
  3. Check your whole 1Password keychain against Pwned Passwords (just with the web-based app for now, but support for the desktop version is coming)
  4. SRI and Upgrade-Insecure-Requests are now supported in Microsoft Edge (there goes one of the remaining excuses not to use these!)
  5. 86% of passwords are terrible (how many passwords in your system are already pwned?)
  6. It's a new Pluralsight course! (get into JavaScript security in this Play by Play with Aaron Powell)
  7. Tech Fabric is this week's sponsor (big thanks to those guys, check them out there ?)
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