Weekly Update 94

It's a week of tweets! I only wrote the one short blog post this week, but I spent a heap of time on the Twitters arguing with people instead so... that's something? But seriously, there was a huge amount of discussion around HTTPS in particular and some very vocal opinions around its usefulness (or lack thereof), which frankly, had myself and many others tearing their hair out. I'll prepare some great demos over the next few days to illustrate the problems which just seem to be going over the heads of many people. It'll be a fun blog post ?

For now though, here's this week's update which talks through many of the issues covered in those tweets not just as it relates to HTTPS, but also beer, MD5 password hashes, giving another party access to your Gmail (hint: it actually gives them access to your Gmail!) and my 8th MVP award which landed this week.

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Given most of these are just tweets, I'm going to embed them here then bullet point the other things further down:

  1. China's massive DDoS cannon against GitHub (this was distributed by exploiting unencrypted traffic)
  2. It's year 8 for MVP! (this program has been a pivotal part of what I do and it's great to remain a part of it)
  3. Gold Security is sponsoring my blog this week (big thanks to those guys for their ongoing support!)
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