App sec in Europe!

Through what I can only describe as enormously fortuitous circumstances (and I’ll better qualify that in a later post), I have the bandwidth to do a bunch of things over the next few months that previous commitments kept me from. One of the immediate things I’m now doing is saying “yes” when I previously had to decline. Yes to conferences. Yes to training. Yes to consulting and in the context of this blog post, yes to folks in the EU.

I’m off to Europe a couple of times over the coming months for two awesome events. The first is OWASP’s AppSecEU in the Netherlands in May:

OWASP AppSecEU 2015: 19-22 May 2015

I’m doing a keynote there titled 50 Shades of AppSec and in my humble opinion, it’s shaping up to be rather awesome. Speaking in the Netherlands is actually of great personal significance to me having spent a couple of my teenage years living there in the early 90s. Through entirely coincidental circumstances, I later married into a half-Dutch family and Nederlands is now regularly heard around the household as our kids have it ingrained into them via an enthusiastic Oma. Of course OWASP is of great importance to me too and it was writing the OWASP Top 10 for .NET Developers series that greatly accelerated my infosec career. The subsequent Pluralsight course of the same name from a couple of years ago remains enormously popular and that kick-started my authoring with them which is a massively important part of my life today. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for when it comes to OWASP.

The next event is NDC in Oslo the month after:

NDC Oslo: 15-19 June

I had an absolute blast there last year; it was always an aspiration to speak at NDC and I was enormously happy to come away from there with the top-rated talk of the event (both my talks are online, for those who are interested). This year I’m back again for a workshop before the conference and then another couple of talks. This really is an absolute standout event both as a speaker and as a participant and I highly recommend it to anyone who can get themselves over to Norway.

So I’m in Europe between 19 and 22 May then again from 15 to 19 June. If you’re over that way and want in-person training for your development teams or consulting around the topics I cover on this blog, in my talks and via my Pluralsight courses, I’d love to hear from you. If you have user groups or other community forums and you can align it with commercial work then I’d love to come and talk there too.

So for everyone I’ve previously said “no” to over that way, email me if you’d like a more positive response this time!

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