Bloody galah scammers still not getting the message

As regular readers will know by now, I’m not real fond of virus call centre scammers. You know, the ones who call you up while you’re making dinner or bathing and kids and tell you they’re from Microsoft and that your PC is infected with blah blah polymorphic blah? There’s a bunch of material on this blog already under the Scam tag where I’ve captured the experience and shared it for fun and education. Thing is, the bloody galahs keep calling me so I worked out a little scenario for them…

In this latest call from only a couple of hours ago I allow them into my “Scammer Honeypot” virtual machine decked out with Crocodile Dundee wallpaper (you know – “That’s not a knife, this is a knife”) and a nice array of Aussie wildlife noises to keep things interesting. Problem is those bloody dingos kept pulling out the ethernet cable so every time the scammers got control things would drop out shortly after. Plus an array of angry cockatoos, loud mouthed kookaburras and a pissed off koala (may have been a drop bear) keep things interesting for my new mates from Calcutta. Enjoy :)

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