“Have I been pwned?” – now with RSS!

As feature releases go, this is not exactly a killer, but to my surprise it was one that was requested quite frequently. It turns out that people really wanted to be able to keep abreast of new breaches and pastes in Have I been pwned? (HIBP) via RSS. Not only is that a perfectly reasonable request, but it was also an easy one to get on top of so here it is!

There are two RSS feeds both linked in from various places on the site including in the navigation. For your RSS’ing convenience, they are both available as direct links here:

  1. Latest 20 breaches
  2. Latest 50 pastes

I choose these numbers because pastes appear very frequently – sometimes dozens per day – whilst breaches being a highly manual process means I do maybe only a couple a month on average. Both feeds have their own attractions, breaches because it’s always a serious volume of data from a verified event and pastes because if you’re like me, I’m kinda curious to see the sort of data that’s continuously being dumped onto Pastebin.

You may also notice that these feeds are served via Feedburner. Regular readers will recall that I try and optimise HIBP to the n’th degree to really maximise the resources I have at my disposal and keep the cost down. By using Feedburner as a proxy to the underlying feeds, I’ve got one service hitting HIBP and then “n” of you guys hitting Feedburner. That keeps the load off my end and also means that Google pays for the bandwidth.

If you have suggestions for either of the feeds such as other information you’d like to see in the title or body, do let me know. Enjoy!

Have I Been Pwned
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