New Pluralsight Course: Care and Maintenance of Development VMs

Regular readers will know I create a lot of Pluralsight courses. It's now 5 years ago I started writing my first one which incidentally, is still my highest rated course every month (apparently the OWASP Top 10 as it relates to ASP.NET is still a big thing). Most of the time, the courses I create are on topics I know well, primarily on security but occasionally with a bit of cloud and development practices sprinkled in for variety. This one, however, is different.

Per the title of this blog, my latest course is on using virtual machines for development and the main reason it's "my" course is because Orin Thomas has done all the work! This is a "Play by Play" course which means that both of us are on camera discussing a topic. Orin is the expert in this field and for this course, I'm the "straight man" which was a pretty easy role to play because I genuinely didn't know much of what I'm questioning him about. (Incidentally, in case you don't know Orin, he's a fellow Microsoft Regional Director, author of [I don't know how many but it's a big number] books and the only person who consistently bested my TechEd / Microsoft Ignite speaker scores!)

So, we teamed up to build this course and it's one that's actually genuinely helped me out with some tips and tricks I didn't know of before. We're really happy to bring you Play by Play: Care and Maintenance of Development VMs which is now live!

Play by Play: Care and Maintenance of Development VMs

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