Weekly Update 66

This week, it's all about fixing data breaches. Following on from my Congressional testimony last month, I committed to writing about how we can address the root causes which has led to the 5-part epic that was this week's posts. These posts consumed a huge amount of time this week which is why the weekly update is going up a day late, but it's here now and it's a whopper!

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  1. Fixing Data Breaches Part 1: Education (let's do a better job of not having these incidents in the first place)
  2. Fixing Data Breaches Part 2: Data Ownership and Minimisation (give people control of their data and try to collect less of it)
  3. Fixing Data Breaches Part 3: The Ease of Disclosure (ensure there are readily available channels to report security vulnerabilities)
  4. Fixing Data Breaches Part 4: Bug Bounties (provide incentives to report vulnerabilities such that illegal activities become less attractive)
  5. Fixing Data Breaches Part 5: Penalties (give organisations the financial incentives they need not to have a data breach)
  6. Security newsletter is sponsoring my blog this week (there's good content in there with a heap of relevant industry news)
Weekly update
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