New Pluralsight course: Exploring the Internet of Vulnerabilities

I've done a number of "Play by Play" courses for Pluralsight this year on a range of topics including Social Engineering with my mate Lars Klint, Deconstructing the Hack with my mate Gary Eimerman, Modernizing Your Deployment Strategy with Octopus Deploy with my mate Damo Brady and the latest one that's just landed, Exploring the Internet of Vulnerabilities with my mate Niall Merrigan. Lot of Play by Plays, lot of mates and frankly, that's what makes all these courses work; they're all friends I spend time with both in a professional capacity and in a drinking beer capacity. The Play by Play courses are all about the dialogue between two people talking through technology concepts and the chemistry is really important.

You may remember Niall from such tweets as looking like an eager puppy with his head out the window whilst on the back of my jet ski:

But what you may not know about Niall is that he does some excellent security talks, particularly around finding vulnerable things facing the internet. I've learned a lot from him personally and have really enjoyed (or is that "been terrified by"?) what he's shared around services like Shodan. In fact that's where we start the course, here's what's in there:

  1. Finding crazy connected things with Shodan
  • Identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities using services such as the Google Hacking Database and sqlmap
  • Wifi Pineapple, locating SSIDs and "The Dark Web"

It's a 58 minute course that's very easy to watch because ultimately, it's just 2 guys talking. There's screens as well, mind you, so you don't just spend the whole timing looking at us, we do dive in and demonstrate things as well. We really enjoyed making this course and I hope you really enjoy watching it.

Play by Play: Exploring the Internet of Vulnerabilities is now live!

Pluralsight Security
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Hi, I'm Troy Hunt, I write this blog, create courses for Pluralsight and am a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP who travels the world speaking at events and training technology professionals