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Weekly update 8 (backyard edition)

Let's get this out of the way early - I did not shoot this video on a green screen! When I first watched it, I couldn't believe how amazing the picture quality was and the first thought I had when I saw it was the green screen one. The new iPhone 7 Plus is a major part of that, but I got out early when it was quiet and got the light just right too. I posted a still to Twitter earlier today and someone asked what lighting I use. Uh, "the sun", that is all.

Anyway, a bunch of things worth discussing did happen this week, here's the video:

  1. Tesco Bank got very hacked (almost certainly not phishing, but 20k people still had their accounts drained)
  2. Tesco has got previous form! ("Passwords are stored in a secure way. They're only copied into plain text when pasted automatically into a password reminder mail." Ah, the memories...)
  3. Skype sending Baidu spam (no, Skype wasn't hacked, people just choose crap passwords... then reuse them)
  4. Lessons from outsourcing to offshore developers (I'm honestly surprised at how well this has been received, especially given I make a lot of comments about cultural traits)
  5. Capgemini leaked a heap of Michael Page data (no, it's not a "hack" when you publish tens of gigabytes of your customer's database backups to a publicly facing website)
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