Secure Account Management with .NET Rocks!

A little while back I wrote about The Conversation, that’s the one I often have with developers looking to build web applications which need to manage accounts but who perhaps haven’t quite thought through all the ins and outs of it. That was also the launch of a new Pluralsight course Secure Account Management Fundamentals which goes through a heap of things that usually come up in these conversations. I’d like to think that at the very least, it’s thought provoking but it’ll also potentially save you from some rather serious ramifications should things all go wrong.

A couple of weeks back I caught up with Carl and Richard on .NET Rocks as I’ve now done many times before and as always, had a great chat about security things. It was mostly about the security implications of managing accounts but as always, the conversation sort of steers itself in various directions and equally as always, I just had fun speaking with the guys.

Episode 1109 is now up on the .NET Rocks website or you can listen to it directly below:

Security Speaking
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