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Yow! Conference talk – Hack yourself first

Back in December, I was privileged enough to be asked along to the Yow! Conference road show down here in Australia. I say “road show” as myself and a bunch of speakers from around the world spent a couple of days in Melbourne, a weekend up in sunny Queensland, a couple of days in Brisbane then jetted down to Sydney and spent a couple of days there. It was pretty much the same content in each city, but obviously different audiences.

This was my first Yow! and it was a little different to most of the events I’d attended before. Very little Microsoft, lots of functional programming and Java plus a lot of higher level talks about software development in general and some particularly insightful talks. Lot of diversity too with a good mix of depth, speaker experience, gender and nationalities.

Whilst this wasn’t a new talk for me, I made a number of variations to my very popular “Hack Yourself First” talk which covers a heap of content from my Pluralsight course of the same name. By all accounts, it was enormously successful talk with this one shot in Brisbane scoring 97% green cards and a few yellow ones.

(If you want player controls and full screen capability, head over to the Yow! site and watch it there.)

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