Security Insanity with RunAs Radio

I know I’ve shared this a number of times now, but no matter how much I see it, it still cracks me up:

Twitter: @troyhunt Passwords are stored in a secure way. They’re only copied into plain text when pasted automatically into a password reminder mail.

Make sense? Of course it doesn’t and therein lies the insanity of it all! But let us not single out Tesco alone, there are plenty of British companies that construct responses like this (sorry English people, I don’t know why, they just seem to feature disproportionately to the rest of the world). In fact earlier this week I wrote about the new Twitter account I’d set up called @InfoSecInsanity which is sharing heaps of this kind of nuttiness, not just the stuff from the UK!

I was inspired in part when Richard Campbell asked me to do another RunAs Radio show on the subject and I realised I didn’t have a good list of the crazy on hand. Anyway, InfoSec Insanity is now a thing and Richard and I recorded the show earlier this week. It’s now out for your listening pleasure here or you can play it directly below. Enjoy!

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