Sony, North Korea and Cyberwarfare on RunAs Radio

It was the story that got weirder and weirder and will likely remain the high water mark for impactful security breaches for, well, probably not very long given this industry! Be that as it may, the Sony saga was unprecedented in many ways and it provoked some really interesting discussions.

A couple of weeks back I suggested that many of us are working for the next Sony Pictures insofar as a lot of the atrocious practices they followed being pretty much par for the course in large enterprises. This to me is one of the key lessons we should be taking away from all this – you may be nothing more than one bad employee or one nasty piece of malware away from your own place of work suffering the same fate.

Last week I caught up with Richard Campbell and we recorded a RunAs Radio episode on the hack. Whilst only a half hour can barely do it justice, we still covered a lot and I hope you find it interesting listening. Enjoy!

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