Congressional Testimony

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Here's What I'm Telling US Congress about Data Breaches

Last week I wrote about my upcoming congressional testimony [] and wow - you guys are awesome! Seriously, the feedback there was absolutely sensational and it's helped shape what I'll be saying to the US Congress, including lifting specific wording and phrases provided by some of you. Thank you! As I explained in that first blog post, I'm required to submit a written testimony 48...

I'm Testifying in Front of Congress in Washington DC about Data Breaches - What Should I Say?

Edit: I'm putting this up front as a lot of people are asking for it - the hearing will be live-streamed on YouTube and there's already an embedded video on the hearing page [] . There's a title I never expected to write! But it's exactly what it sounds like and on Thursday next week, I'll be up in front of US congress on the other side of the world testifying about the impact of data breaches [https://energycomme...