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It's a new blog!

It's been 434 blog posts over six and a half years. It's gone from being excited about a hundred visitors in a week to hundreds of thousands on a big day. It's taken me from a hobby to a career. In so many ways, this blog has defined who I am and what I do today but finally, it was time for a change. You're now reading an all new blog in an all new design on an all new platform. The content is the only thing that remains and I've literally rebuilt everything from the ground up over the last few...

Creating a blog for your non-techie significant other; the path to Ghost

So it turns out that someone got in my wife’s ear and suggested it might be a good idea for her to start a blog. Who would ever suggest such a crazy thing []?! It actually makes a lot of sense as Kylie embarks on her path as a more public identity and fellow Pluralsight Author [] that she has an online presence. Having me around who has some experience with this should make it...