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Here's How I Meet

For about the last decade, a huge proportion of my interactions with people has been remote and across different cultures and time zones. Initially this was in my previous life at Pfizer [] due to the regional nature of my role and over the last six years, it's been as an independent either talking to people remotely or travelling to different places. Since I began dropping content into this post, pretty much everyone now finds them...

Building the Ultimate Home Office (Again)

I was searching around for a quote along the lines of you only being as good as the tools you use and somehow, I ended up down this rabbit hole of painters quotes and carpenters quotes and stuff about artists and their brushes. Then I started thinking it sounds a bit obnoxious anyway so maybe it wasn't really that relevant (yet somehow, here we are...) until eventually, I thought "stuff it, let's just write about the computer bits". So here we are. More than a decade ago, I wrote about building...