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Microsoft Regional Director (Redux)

I received a very nice email this week: Congratulations, your nomination has been accepted to the Microsoft Regional Director program! I am pleased to welcome you back to this worldwide community of technology thought leaders and thank you for being a part of this community. Just over 2 years ago, I first became a Microsoft Regional Director. This is a role that has meant a great deal to me over that time; it's not one you can sit an exam for and no amount of money will buy you one either. Like the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) role I've had since 2011, it's one that only comes from being an active member of the technology community and contributing to...

Microsoft Regional Director

This was not what I was expecting earlier this week: I am delighted to welcome you to the Microsoft Regional Director program! More specifically, the nomination I received some weeks back was not what I expected and this week’s message was what I’d dared not get my hopes up too much about. A bit of context first – I’m not going to work for Microsoft and despite the title of “Microsoft Regional Director”, I’m no more an employee than what I was (and still am) an MVP. The MVP title remains and what the Regional Director status does is turns that up to 11. Here’s what they told...