SQL Data Compare

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Automated data syncing with SQL Data Compare and TeamCity

For a while now, I’ve been putting off a task to configure a sync process for a particular piece of enterprise data. This data is populated into a single table in a production environment on a nightly basis but also needed to be synced down into the test and development environments every now and then. Without going into too much detail about the nature of the data, it consists of about 700,000 records which change either via updates or insertions. Normally I don’t like taking production data do...

Automated database releases with TeamCity and Red Gate

Databases have long been the poor cousin of the application tier when it comes to many of the processes we take for granted in the .NET world. Source control management, for example, is near ubiquitous for application files and there are several excellent VCS products which make versioning a breeze. Continuous integration is another practice which although not as common, is still frequently present in a robust application lifecycle. Of course the problem is that database objects don’t exist as...