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Reassuring Words and Good Intentions Don't Mean Good Security

How much can you trust the assertions made by an organisation regarding their security posture? I don't mean to question whether the statements are truthful or not, but rather whether they provide any actual assurance whatsoever. For example, nearly 5 years ago now I wrote about how "we take security seriously" was a ridiculous statement to make immediately after a data breach []. It seems that not much has changed since then: > “At...

How to Track Your Kids (and Other People's Kids) With the TicTocTrack Watch

Do you ever hear those stories from your parents along the lines of "when I was young..." and then there's a tale of how risky life was back then compared to today. You know, stuff like having to walk themselves to school without adult supervision, crazy stuff like that which we somehow seem to worry much more about today than what we did then. Never mind that far less kids go missing today than 20 years [