Web security on .NET Rocks!

Did I mention already that NDC was totally awesome? Pretty sure I said something along those lines (many, many times) and as you’ll see from the presentations I did in that link, I had a heap of fun while I was there. Actually, I had so much fun that I’ve already committed to go back in 2015. That’s it, I’m there!

While I was there, I finally got to catch up in person with Carl and Richard of .NET Rocks fame. I’ve been on the show a few times now but it was great to actually get together in person in “The Fishbowl”, that is their glass enclosure in the centre of the event from where they churned out non-stop podcasts for three days on end (and I’ve been very much enjoying listening to them too thanks guys!)

Anyway, I stopped by on the last day and did an episode with them just before I went on stage to do my second talk. We covered a bunch of stuff in terms of how some recent hacks had gone down, where the big risks in web security are these days and various other things that by Richard’s admission, left him “curled up in a closet sobbing at the end”. (Incidentally, don’t believe a word of that, what Richard doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!)

The podcast is up on the .NET Rocks site here and directly streamable below:


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