Weekly Update 100

Made it to 100! And by pure coincidence, it aligned with the week where I've tuned out more than I ever have since gaining my independence which means there's really not much to talk about. But I did want to share a little about the snow in Australia (turns out it's not all beaches) and some thoughts on gov initiatives in the news following my time with the Australia Cyber Security Centre in Canberra last week.

But to do something a little more worthy of episode 100, I wanted to share a bit about where it is my time is spent today and indeed what I actually earn a living off. This was totally unscripted so I've probably missed things and neglected to embellish on others, but they're questions I frequently get so I hope they're of interest to some.

So keeping it short and sweet, the video did eventually upload over some of the worst of bad Aussie bandwidth and with a day on the mountain now behind me, I'm going to push this out and go grab a cold ?

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  1. Yes, Australia has snow! (a top to bottom run with my son for those interested in what it looks like down here)
  2. I spent some time with the ACSC in Canberra (it always strikes me how different gov folks are to the narrative many people would have you believe)
  3. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog again this week (as I say in the vid, an organisation I've had a long affinity for and am grateful for their support)
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